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About Atlantic Oil


About Atlantic Oil: Our history

Atlantic Oil (Pty) Ltd has been operating in the petroleum industry for over 19 years. It plays a key role in the logistics, sales and marketing of petroleum-related products in South Africa. We aim to fully understand our customers’ needs and help clients achieve improved business results by distributing fuel, lubricants and gas.
Atlantic Oil - Overberg Gas (2001)
Overberg Gas (2001)

One of the ways that we have effectively helped our customers is through the development of our one of a kind on-road fuel management system for both single and major fleet operators.

It is a paperless invoice system that has immediate tracking for your company’s fleet through an online portal. This on-road fuel management system is called Eye-Fuel.
We have developed this offer for our customers for stringent management of their fleets fueling on-road. To find out more about Eye-Fuel click here.

Atlantic Oil distributes to 31 company-owned and company-operated service stations across South Africa.

Amathole Oil (PTY) Ltd is our retail operating company in the Eastern Cape and Indian Oil (PTY) Ltd is our retail operation in the Western Cape. Both are companies in the Samuels Group of companies. Atlantic Oil also distributes to a counting 11 external distributors in the Eastern Cape.

We provide on-site bulk delivery of fuels and gas. We also supply a wide range of Castrol and Veedol oils and finished lubricants including engine oils, synthetics, grease and more.

About Atlantic Oil: Veedol Oil

Veedol Oil was Henry Ford’s lubricant of choice when he designed the first mass-produced vehicle, the Ford Model T, and is brought to South Africa by Samuels Oil.  Click here to find out more about Veedol Oil.

Atlantic Oil is your wholesale fuel distribution, lubricants, and gas source solution.
The company was originally called Overberg Gas and was formed in 2001.
Its back office was situated in George Industrial selling gas, lawnmower parts and diesel to farmers.

The company started to rapidly grow when BP started to use resellers worldwide to distribute its products.

Atlantic Oil - BP Atlantic (2012)
BP Atlantic (2012)